Fatigue, stress and sleep

Nootropics as a solution for your fatigue, trouble sleeping and stress.

“Nootropics are psychoactive substances that support brain functions without harmful side effects”

Nootropics are revolutionary. These psychoactive substances support the most important brain functions without harmful side effects. The word is a combination of the two Greek words nous (spirit) and tropein (turn or reverse). Literally translated, nootropics provide a ‘positive change of mind’. The effect of nootropics varies from very broad to very specific. MY®HEALTH uses nootropics that tackle psychic aspects such as fatigue, concentration, memory, sleep and stress. Carefully devised and scientifically substantiated formulas were compiled and validated by Belgian scientists.

Nootropics during the exams? You can read about their positive effects here!

Our advice

More energy, more focus and a lot less stress with MY®FOCUS.

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Experience calm and feel the stress flow away with MY®RELAX.

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MY®SLEEP ensures a refreshing sleep and more energy.

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