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Innovative nutraceuticals take centre stage at MY®HEALTH. These active substances, with clinically proven effect, contribute to an optimal health and therefore form the corner stone of our research and product range. After all, we are convinced that we not only want to live long, but also want to do this as healthily and as long as possible. The mission of our company is therefore:

“Stay healthy throughout your entire life.”

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Innovation at the front line

Based on extensive research, we developed several innovative nutraceuticals for maintaining good health. Under the name MY®HEALTH, these products find their way to the general public. The current range, which is available at pharmacies, includes products with safe and effective formulas that offer protection in various areas.


MY RESEARCH is an independent research facility located in BioVille at the university campus in Hasselt.

Healthy Aging

This research project supported by the European Union carries out clinical research into age-related illnesses. This is a collaborative project between the universities of Hasselt, Liège, Aachen and Maastricht, among others. We are proud that, as a partner in this research project, we can contribute to everyone’s health and longer life.


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