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Nootropics contribute to the reduction of fatigue1 and stress3 and to a good night’s sleep5.

“Nootropics are natural and safe substances that support brain functions without harmful side effects1-5

Nootropics are revolutionary. Nootropics are natural and safe substances or plant extracts that support brain functions1-5. They do this without harmful side effects. The word nootropics is composed of the Greek words ‘nous’ (mind) and ‘tropein’ (to turn or reverse). MY®HEALTH uses nootropics that help reduce stress2,3, fatigue1,3,5 and support good sleep5, concentration, and memory2. The carefully composed and scientifically based formulas have been developed and validated by Belgian scientists.

Our advice

Less tired1, better concentration and better memory2 at stress moments2 with MY®ENERGY +focus.

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Experience peace4 and support mental balance3 at moments of stress3 with MY®RELAX.

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MY®SLEEP ensures a good night’s sleep5, is calming5 and gives more energy3 at stress moments3. Discover here our NEW FORMULA.

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The different types of nootropics

There are different types of nootropics that can be used to support a particular mental activity. There are focus, relax and sleep nootropics. Focus nootropics are important for more energy3, concentration2 and memory2. Relax nootropics are about supporting the brain for a good mental balance3 and stress resistance3. Good sleep5 is stimulated by sleep nootropics. MY®HEALTH has developed three scientifically substantiated combination formulas composed of focus1,2 relax3,4 or sleep5 nootropics.

1 Vitamin B6 contributes to the reduction of fatigue.
2 Bacopa monnieri may help to improve concentration and memory and reduce stress.
3 Ashwagandha is used during short-term stress, is beneficial for a good mental balance and gives more energy.
4 Passionflower has a calming effect.
5 Valerian has a calming effect and supports a good night’s sleep
MY FOCUS, MY RELAX and MY SLEEP are food supplements. They can’t replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.