Intestine & Gastric function

Sporebiotics® are a new generation of Bacillus bacteria validated by Belgian scientists. They have the unique ability to form spores. In the form of spores, these bacteria are extremely resistant to high temperature, humidity, stomach acid and bile salts. They can therefore be stored for a very long time and survive passage through the stomach to the small intestine as much as possible.

“Experience the benefits of the latest generation of spore-forming bacteria”

Our advice

For healthy digestion1, count on MY®GASTRIC.

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MY®FLORA comfort, for normal bowel function2.

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Quickly maintain a normal bowel movement3 and healthy intestines3. Count on MY®FLORA fast.

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1 Ginger supports the digestion.
2 Artichoke supports a normal bowel function.
3 Tormentil (contains fibers) supports natural bowel movements and is good for a healthy bowel function.
MY GASTRIC, MY FLORA fast and MY FLORA comfort are food supplements. They can’t replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.