MY®HEALTH partner in a unique HEALTHY AGING project

Do we not all want to grow old in good health? It sounds obvious, but of course it is not. At MY®HEALTH, we do our bit too.

Together with Hasselt University, Liège University, Maastricht University Medical Centre and Universitätsklinikum Aachen, we joined forces. This within the framework of the Interreg project ‘Healthy Aging’ with the support of the European Union, among others.

In concrete terms, what does the project entail?

Prof Veerle Somers (BIOMED): “We will investigate in large groups of patients whether new or existing biomarkers (substances in the blood that betray and/or announce the presence of diseases) can help to detect the ageing of the immune system.”

The most suitable biomarkers will then be ‘used’ in the development of biosensors – for rapid and accurate diagnosis of immune ageing in the (ageing) patient.

Tailor-made nutritional supplements

The aspect in which MY®HEALTH can play a role? Whereas patients now often receive generalist nutritional supplements such as multi-vitamins, we are looking at the possibilities of working more tailor-made. In addition to traditional medicine, targeted immune therapy and nutritional supplements that specifically inhibit immune aging are also used.

More about this research can be found via this link. Check our website regularly to stay informed about our progress!


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